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Visual Identity and Website Redesign


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Client: Centric Digital
Roles: Visual Design, Visual Identity Design, UI Design
Year: 2017

Centric Digital is a small, but nimble digital transformation company that provides solutions to help traditional businesses grow in the digital age.  In hopes of growing their business and attracting new clients, they wanted to refresh their visual identity in tandem with their website redesign.



Centric Digital's website had a dated aesthetic and lacked a strong identity.  It looked very generic and did not give Centric the unique voice that it strived to be known for.  I was tasked with designing their new website as well as creating a new visual identity for use across all client-facing and internal assets.   In addition, the stakeholders wanted to launch the website within 3 months.



Being a newcomer to Centric Digital myself, it was difficult to figure out where to begin and what direction to take.  I did not know much about the company and was just getting acquainted with its employees.  I first did a full evaluation of the current assets and website.  To get a better grasp of Centric Digital, its values, and its cultures, I conducted a quick 5 question survey with its employees.  Furthermore, I completed a competitive analysis of Centric's largest competitors in order to get an idea of what the industry standard was.


Key Findings

Old Website

Centric Digital's old website looked dated and was not compelling or interesting.  This translated poorly into their assets, such as client-facing decks and marketing materials.  In addition, the navigation was confusing, there was a lot of copy, and it was difficult to understand what you would get by working with Centric Digital.



Centric's employees were able to give me the insight into some directions to go in.  From the survey, I learned that they wanted to convey how knowledgeable and trustworthy they are and the give clients a sense of security.  Employees said that Centric is small, nimble, fast, and that clients should feel energized, excited, and confident when dealing with them.




Visual Exploration

The Centric team and I decided to come up with 3 distinct looks and feels to see what the stakeholder gravitated towards:

  • Transformational
  • Then vs. Now
  • What We Do

I mocked up over 20 versions incorporating these 3 different concepts with various looks and feels. 

3 concepts.png

Once the stakeholder reviewed these concepts, he was able to give more direction.  He wanted something sleek and to incorporate the color red.  In addition, he wanted to include details of how Centric's framework and platform guide businesses on their digital transformation journey. 


Visual Identity

The stakeholder wanted Centric Digital's visual identity to convey a sense of confidence, agility, and intelligence.  He wanted prospective clients to view the company as a thought leader with the capability to deliver transformative results.  

I used a combination of a large, bold, and attention-grabbing typeface with one that is plain, clean, and modern to create balance.  To meet the stakeholder's request of using the color red, I explored many shades and selected one that was bright and modern unlike the one that was used previously.  Since red is a very aggressive color, I used it sparingly in the visual identity as an accent color to create emphasis and reinforce consistency throughout.

Style Guide.png

Final Website Designs


A home page that showcases Centric Digital's proprietary platform and processes


Adding a visual storytelling element paints a clear picture


A strong visual identity that translates throughout