Anika Kai

Logo Design


Client: Anika Kai

Roles: Logo Design

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop



Anika Kai is an up and coming makeup artist in New York City.  Anika, the owner of Anika Kai, approached me because she wanted a logo for her business that she could use for her website as well as promotional material.  The goal was for the logo to convey luxury while being witty and minimalistic, and to give her customers a feeling of being part of something elite.  The client said that her ability to connect on a deeper level with her customers and ability to translate their visions into reality in the most flattering way are what sets her apart from her competitors.  



While brainstorming and sketching out ideas, I decided that I could infuse wittiness into the logo by playing with the overlap in letters in 'Anika' and 'Kai'.  What made me eventually make 'Kai' into a reflection was what the client had said about translating her customers' visions into reality and bringing out inner beauty.  I kept the type very simple so that the logo would look luxurious and simple, yet easy to read and instantly recognizable.  The client loved the logo, but loved the meaning behind it even more. 


Final Design


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